Market Briefing: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables – 18 Feb 2022

Market Briefing: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables – 18 Feb 2022

– US 2021/22 orange production is expected to decrease by 11% from last year
– UK organic food and beverage sales reached £3.0 billion ($4.05 billion)
– US organic potato prices are stable or decline

– US 2021/22 orange production is forecast to drop 11% from last market year to a near record low 3.6 million tonnes due to poor fruit set in California and the continued decline in area and yields as a result of citrus greening in Florida.
– EU 2021/22 mandarin production is expected to fall 8% from the last marketing year to 3.0 million tonnes as a result of unfavourable weather in Spain.

– UK organic food and beverage sales grew by 5.2% y/y to £3.0 billion ($4.05 billion) in 2021, following a 13% y/y increase in 2020.
– US growers anticipate rising demand for potatoes from both the processors and export markets. Fresh potato shipments to Japan jumped 103% y/y to 54,000 tonnes in 2021. Sales to Mexico grew by 14% y/y to 125,000 tonnes in 2021; expanded market access to Mexico will generate further growth for 2022.

– In 2021, US fresh avocado imports were valued over $3.1 billion (+24% y/y), with Mexico accounting for over 91% of the total. Chilean avocado sales to the US grew by 261% y/y to $12 million. On 13 February, the US government suspended all imports of Mexican avocadoes until further notice after a US plant safety inspector in Mexico received a threat.
– China imports dragon fruit from two main origins: Vietnam and Taiwan, which totalled 586,000 tonnes in 2021, 5% down y/y, equivalent to $525 million (-5% y/y). Vietnam accounted for over 99% of the total volume.

– Kenya’s avocado average export price in 2021 was $1,700 per tonne, 25% down y/y. Tanzania’s export price was $2,400/tonne, 6% down y/y.
– On 11 February 2022, US retail weighted average prices of most fresh potato varieties rose from a year ago, but some organic went down.

Round red potatoes for 3 lb bag reached $3.83, 45% up y/y from the same time last year. Round white of 5 lb bag was $3.74, 48% y/y up; russet of 10 lb bag, was $5.04, 43% y/y up. Prices for organic variants showed a decline or minor increase. Organic round red of 3 lb bag declined by 5% y/y to $3.79, $0.04 lower than conventional of the same pack size.

Source: (IHSmarkit)



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