Market Briefing: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables  – 11 Dec

Market Briefing: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables – 11 Dec

– Indian apple consumption is expected to grow 8% in MY 2021/22 from last year
– US shows strong demand for organic fresh mango, with imports up 55% from a year ago
– US average import prices of vegetables went down 3.3% y/y in January-September 2021

– Global production of mangoes, mangosteens and guavas is projected to reach 84 million tonnes by 2030, increasing 3.3% annually .
– Peach growers in south Rio Grande do Sul of Brazil expect to harvest 50,000-60,000 tonnes in 2021-22, up from 42,000 tonnes in the previous season.

– India’s per capita consumption of mangoes is expected to grow 3% a year over 2021-2030, reaching 28.4kg in 2030 while average per capita consumption in Asia is expected to reach 14.6kg in 2030, compared with 10.4kg in 2021.
– India’s MY 2021/22 apple consumption is estimated at 2.58 million tonnes, an 8% increase over last year. About 60% is consumed fresh while the remaining is processed.

– The US leads the world’s imports of commodity cluster of mangoes, mangosteens and guavas, with 482,000 tonnes in January-September 2021. Conventional fresh mangos accounted for 85% of US total tropical fruit imports while organic mangoes contribute about 10%. Organic fresh mango imports grew to over 53,000 tonnes in January-September 2021, 55% up from a year ago.
– ndia’s apple imports from the US declined sharply to 21,000 tonnes in January-September 2021, 46% down y/y. US market share decreased from last year’s 21% to 6% in January-September 2021. This decline is largely due to retaliatory tariffs; the Indian government’s requirement that imported apples must include a certificate stating the product does not contain genetically modified (GM) organisms.

– Spanish fresh garlic prices, EXW Germany, went down to €3,729/tonne in November, 2% down m/m. This is €700/tonne lower than in July following a progressive decrease over the past few months.
– The US recorded strong increases (+8% y/y) in main fresh vegetable imports in January-September 2021 while the average import prices went down (-3.3% y/y) from last year.
– Fresh asparagus average import price was $2,470/tonne, 7% down y/y; asparagus has the highest import price among main vegetables. Mexican asparagus average price was $2,000/tonne compared to Peru’s $3,370/tonne.

– Pumpkins and squash import price decreased by 25% y/y to $770/tonne, the biggest fall among main vegetables.

Source: (IHSmarkit)



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